Tom Frink

Speak softly, but carry a big stick.  That saying describes Tom to a "T."  In his fishing career, Tom has managed to be the #2 winningest co-angler in B.A.S.S. history, with two Elite series trophies (when co-anglers were a thing in the Elites), as well as win the College National Championship in 2015.  Tom is a crucial part of the brains behind the Trap House gear, and also a big part of the R&D.  His experience, along with ideas on improving on baits, make him vital to providing the top quality tackle you will find here.    

Chris Wade

Chis is an avid fisherman, and tournament competitor.  Unlike Tom, who crushes almost every tournament circuit he fishes, Chris is content with a win in the BFL's from time to time.  His primary duties fall in the digital world, making sure this website is operating smoothly.  But, that doesn't mean you won't catch him sneaking off to the ramp every chance he gets!

Lindsay Wade

Lindsay has never been into fishing, but she doesn't mind catching from time to time.  Unfortunately for her, she married into this craziness, and now helps with building baits and filling orders.  She also moonlights as our "Booth Babe" when we attend shows.