Many years ago Chris started a small online tackle shop called Home Brewed Tackle.  The intent of this shop was to sell tackle from the smaller tackle companies, that you would not find at your big box stores.  During the first year of business he came across a jig called the Medlock Jig.  This lure was designed for fishing grass, and many anglers used it to cash checks on lake Okeechobee.  With a dual weedguard, this jig was far more weedless than a standard jig.  The only drawback was the available sizes, 1/2 oz, 3/4 oz and 1 oz.  After a bit of prodding, Chris found out that Medlock made a smaller 1/4 oz and 3/8 oz jig, but the hook was a bit on the small side, and there was no “bait keeper.”  Despite this, Chris ordered them, gave some to Tom, and they both proceeded to be blown away at the potential of the jig.

Fast forward a few years, and Chris gets a call from Medlock Jigs, saying they are thinking of retiring.  Instantly Chris’s brain goes into “Crisis” mode, because that little 3/8oz jig, that Medlock wasn’t crazy about, and felt like no one else was, had turned into the best jig either Chris or Tom had ever used.  Once Medlock Jigs said they planned on shutting down Chris asked Medlock if we could re-release the 3/8 oz jig, with a few modifications.  After a few modifications, and a few prototypes,  we think we have the perfect finesse flipping jig.  Not only does it come through wood better than your average jig, it also skips like a stone, and the wire bait keeper makes sure your trailer stays attached.

The X2 is just the first product offering coming from Trap House.  Keep your eyes open for even more!

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